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07 February 2013

How to Extend Windows 8 Trial Period for More 90 Days


Windows 8 as released earlier by Microsoft in beta version named "Developer Preview" and "Release Preview" gained a lot attention due to its overall graphics update, it's much more like Windows 7 but with more enhanced graphics and stability. The start menu was replaced and hence many things were made up and down.

So finally they came up with their official version of Windows 8 with everything tested at the peak, they even provided an awesome upgrade offer for existing Windows 7 users, so many people even shifted to have a taste of Windows 8 too. So now as an Indian we normally have a tradition to test anything before actually getting out hands onto it, so keeping this in mind Microsoft even gave a evaluation copy for their official Windows 8 version so that people can try out their OS for at least 90 days before swiping their cards to get its full version.

So now obviously the evaluation copy has some limitations, like it can be used only for 90 days then you need to pay for using it on daily basis and it even has that watermark printed on it screen that states the days left but that be removed with easy solution, but now sometimes you even need to test it for more days so now you need to extend the trial period like we earlier did for Windows 7 but this one has little change in what we used to type so check below steps on extending your Windows 8 trial.

Rearm Windows 8 to Extend Trial Period

So now obviously we are going to use that old rearm trick we used for Windows 7 I mentioned above, but this one is little different so check below steps.

  1. Open CMD Prompt as an administrator.
  2. Now type slmgr /rearm and press enter.
  3. Now a popup will occur stating "Command Completed Successfully"
  4. That's it now just restart your Windows and see 90 days trial resettled.
  5. So now you can perform this step every 89th day or your trial period so that you can get another 90 days for free.
  6. Well as in Windows 7 you can do this thing for approx. 4 times, so maybe this would be same in Windows 8.

So now your trial for Windows 8 has been resettled and can be evaluated for more days, well now this much more good option from downloading some virus infected tools and getting it patched, its official and much more safe.