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24 February 2013

Does Facebook Copies Other Social Sites Awesome Features

Facebook does not need any clarification for being the top most used social website in the world, people are like crazy for browsing facebook and interacting with their friends and facebook off course on their part have always taken one step further and introduced so many awesome features like facebook timeline, post promoting feature, new smileys and much more. But can you imagine about how these ideas are popping in their mind, means off course they would be having some top class engineers and designer's but still something is being copied and that is ideas from other big websites.

Basically its only the Twitter website that has been copied by facebook, so every feature or service listed below is pretty much like Twitter's and it's a rumor no one can claim this thing as they have some styles difference and much more.

Well we have combined a list of few social networking websites that might have been pirated by facebook for introducing their features in its own social society.

  1. Facebook Timeline Cover – facebook timeline cover was introduced earlier and people liked and disliked it but now it's a part of their everyday social interaction they usually upload some awesome clicks onto their timeline cover and they are loving it, we have even posted some awesome ways for creating spicy timeline cover's you can check that too, but now do you know it is rumored that facebook copied this feature from Twitter as they have launched it earlier as their header option.
  2. The Follow Button – Facebook introduced their Subscribe Button that could help anyone to subscribe to anyone and grab their updates what even they are posting or so but later on they changed it to the Follow Button that was officially introduced by Twitter, so its again something that was introduced by Twitter and facebook has it now.
  3. API App Development – The API App Development feature that provides user a way to introduce some new in mobile and desktop world is also claimed to be copied from Twitter's Developer's Blueprint Section.
  4. New Facebook Photo Layout – Facebook updated their photo viewing layout that was introduced earlier by Twitter, so check below shot its pretty much same if you normally browse photos on twitter then you will get it.


So its pretty much clear that facebook is trying to create a mixed environment by picking up stuff from different websites and introducing new services but still people love to browse facebook and keep in touch with their loved one's and obviously I have no complaints with facebook but it's just a post I though that would make things clear.

So do comment what do you think about it, do you think facebook really copy's out stuff from other website's :p