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16 February 2013

Get Ubuntu OS Sidebar Panel Feature in Android Devices


Ubuntu OS would be coming soon bringing a new user interface and much more innovative stuff, but the thing people are eagerly waiting for is that sidebar feature that scrolls out when anyone slides their finder from left screen edge as you can see in the above image. But people at XDA Developers has developed that same sidebar panel for Android Devices before the launch of Ubuntu OS, so with their simple application "GloveBox" this same thing can be emulated right on your devices.

So now you can use this panel to add your favorite apps and then launch them instantly by sliding your finger and opening them from this panel. Well you can even change the transparency and sensitivity options so that its much more easier to be used.

Well right now you can download this directly from the link or you can even get it from the play store if you are on your device, so if you are downloading it directly just download and then transfer the file to your android device and then click on it to install it.

That's now you can configure out everything like you normally do for every app, have fun adding apps to this sidebar menu and enjoy.