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31 July 2013

Digg Reader - Best Alternative for Google Reader Tested :)

Google just terminated their most awesome RSS service Google Reader for some unknown reason, reader was terminated on 1st of July as mentioned in Google post so after this big incident people were just trying to find some good alternative to Google reader that could provide them smooth environment as Google Reader did but off-course nothing was as fine as reader worked for me and everyone, so even I tried many options, like my earlier one Feed Demon whose premium version was just terminated and then I tried RSS Owl and I thought it was the best option but then I just saw some post about Digg Reader and thought to give it a try and I was amazed by its awesomeness.


Even Digg Reader was not able to provide that much positive feeling about using a online RSS reader but still you can say it was one of the best alternative to Google Reader from all those I tried out. It has that kind of design structure that Google Reader used to have and even few options math like subscribing one’s, but still it lacks many things, nothing can be compared to Google Reader as subscribing to feeds was really – 2 easy, you just need to pump in the blog URL and that’s it it automatically goes in search for its feed link and subscribed to it. But yes its not much difficult to subscribe in Digg Reader and works well.

Import Google Reader Data to Digg Reader

digg-reader-importAfter Google terminated their Reader they allowed us to download out Reader data from their Takeout service so check it out you might be lucky to find your download file containing your blog links, now those links can be useful in building your readership by using it in Digg Reader. As Digg Reader provides you with Import option you can easily upload .opml or .xml file to get all the blogs back into its database.

So now you can easily get everything back and running, now if you are not able to find you previous folder’s just create and new folder and distribute all your blogs into them accordingly. So you might need to work on something but this will make everything ok. So overall it’s a good reader and will work fine for you, so now just Sign into it with your Google account and enjoy your online RSS Reader.

Digg Reader Unsubscribe Bugs [Solution]

Digg Reader is still in BETA version and you might face some problems, so I found a BUG and just thought to post solution for it. Well in reader if you have subscribed to some blogs and then if you try to Unsubscribe to that blog later you might see that blog is gone but still you might receive updates from that blog, well the solution to this problem is to Export your Data and then delete every folder in your Digg Reader and then re-upload the backup that’s it now everything will be fine and you will not receive any updates from the blog.