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03 August 2013

Android Device Manager will help you Track your Device


Google just announced on their official Android Blog that they are going to launch Android Device Manager application that will help users track down their devices in time of crisis, like lost phone or maybe stolen or anything happens to your device you would be able to track it down, so its much more like Find My Phone for iOS Devices and it will work on same basics. Google will provide you with an inbuilt application to service and then they will give you a webpage from where you will be able to track your device down.

So this update will be visible later this month and it will be given to Android 2.2 and higher version’s. So you will get informed about last location of that device, if it was used or no and location where it might be available.

So now obviously you have whole large map at your disposal so you could see exact location where your device has been tracked down, so it will not be a big problem for you, now you even get option’s to Ring your Device no matter if it is kept on silent mode it will Ring Up and with the higher volume it can ring upto.

But still if you are able to find or track down your device in last scenario you even have that Device Wiping option that will take care of your data by wiping it up so that its not misused by the thief. So now you can say Google has taken a nice step in providing you with a whole of security stuff that will protect you and your device.