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12 August 2014

Requirements for Becoming Premium AdSense Publisher

Google-Adsense-logoGoogle adsense is regarded as the best online money making platform serving thousands of people around the world and helping them to achieve the goals of making their living prosperous. But google is not serving equal to everyone in terms of quality, yes if you have some good qualities then you should be given somewhat more and that's where the adsense premium publishers step in, yes premium publisher those you have blogs with good quality content, million of visitors and good rank status.

Well all these publishers with above qualities are rewarded with the premium publisher account that provides them with unlimited number of possibilities they can use to make much more in return from their adsense account. So now as the title says there are some further requirements you need to fulfill in order to get invitation for the premium adsense publisher account. So if you get it fulfilled then you are rewarded.

How to Become Premium Adsense Publisher

So now what are the qualities that you need to possess in order to gain this position, well details are given below so check them up and do check what you are rewarded with.

  1. Page Views - In order to gain premium adsense publisher account your blog should have 1 Million page views/month (10,00,000) i.e. 20k - 30k per/day.
  2. Search Queries - Your blog should have approx. 100k - 150k search queries per/month i.e's 5000/day.
  3. Page Rank - I don't think this really matters a lot but still having a good page rank status may give some strong feeling to Google for making you premium adsense publisher.
  4. Content - Content is always the king, maybe all above rule's just override if you have good quality content, so make sure its there.

So pretty much above 2 points are most importantly considered in getting a premium adsense publisher account. So now if you are fulfilling all these conditions and you are having a good reputed blog but you are just finding link from where you can apply for PAP well there is no link, its an automated process and you will automatically get informed when you become premium adsense publisher. Yes google will automatically inform you using any means like email or something when they make your premium adsense publisher.

Benefits of Becoming Premium Adsense Publisher

Well certainly as I talked above there are many benefits of becoming PAP (premium adsense publisher). Well all points are mentioned below.

  1. Extra Ad-Units - Yes this point might have taken your attention but this is true, we usually become adsense publisher and we try to add more then three units in order to gain more clicks and make more money but adsense does not allow rendering more then three units for normal publishers, but you become PAP this limitation is gone and you are able to add more then three ad units but these three ad units contain special ID.
  2. Ad-Customization - Well becoming PAP gives you another awesome feature for customizing your ad perfectly according to your website. So if you need small box or some other size you can do that too. You can meld your colors according to your site removing all background color restrictions.
  3. Third Party Ad Serving - PAP also have the possibility to serve third party ads using DoubleClick for publishers account.
  4. Special Consultation - Yes if you find out any problem you get proper and special consultation, treated just like a VIP person. So a proper person deals with your problem and helps you solving it up. PAP even get invitation for big seminars and workshops.
  5. Negotiable Terms - Premium Adsense Publishers has the possibility to adjust their terms with adsense where as normal publishers have to go with the fixed one's, so its an awesome feature to become PAP.

So this was some info about PAP (Premium Adsense Publisher) well now you all might be thinking if you could be a PAP and you could make more money or something, well even I though about this the same way but let me tell you those who are PAP have worked hard to gain this position, well don't just dream prove yourself :)