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20 August 2013

Saints Row IV Commander In Chief Windows Gameplay

Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Windows version has been released and its being pirated up on the boom, but I am not here to provide you with any kind of download links, but I just wanted to share the awesome games reviews and gameplay video, well this game is really awesome, I can say that as I have completed its earlier version Saints Row The Third. Well after playing this game you will say that there is another company who can come up with some serious graphics like GTA from Rockstar Games.

Well so about the scenario, well this version the IV one is from the Alien Invasion and you act as the United States President and you have all the responsibilities to take over that alien invasion and protect your country.

So now the earlier version has many things different like you had all those dild*os to attack and fighting moves were good too. But now in this version everything changes you get super powers, so with all these powers you sprint faster then cars, you can smash them up like nothing, you have super jump you can keep flying in the air and much more.

You even have amazing and alienist weapons, like the music gun machine that makes people dance. So everything just looks fabulous. So now its your take if you want to go with this game or not, but yes I am still on the downloading process, and I am seriously waiting to get my hands on this game, well as soon as I get it I will post the personal experience too, till then just enjoy the above gameplay video and have fun :)