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01 August 2013

How to Unblock - Blocked Links & Monetize Website was blocked by Department of Telecom (CHNN) for suspicious activities detected by higher officials I guess, and this step has crashed the money making advantage of Indians and as well as many other nations who were dependent on for their income source. Well I know was buggy at some moments and that why I posted on how you can bypass its links easily, but still I have to admit that was good at time I was not having any other source for making money it helped me a lot and maybe I will be having some dead links in my older posts trying to cash up more clicks and download’s.

So now the thing comes is their any way you can still access those blocked links on the internet for visiting any hidden or masked website or you can still monetize your site using, well I thing there is a way which you can try out and will work pretty fine.

Using Free Tool’s for Accessing Blocked Links

Well accessing blocked links is much easier by using free tools like Ultrasurf proxy tool or tool for unmasking the link. Well for more details on read this post [Link]. Well now for using Ultrasurf just check below steps.

  1. ultrasurf-toolDownload Ultrasurf tool.
  2. Now just extract the package and you will find a .exe file, just double click on it.
  3. Now just wait till its says Successfully connected to server, that’s it.
  4. Now just browse your blocked links and they will work and again like as it is.

So now using these two tools you can bypass the blocking process and use its service as it its, but still monetizing your website is difficult. But using a modified script hack you can easily monetize your website again and this works like a charm.

Using Modified https:// Script Hack

Well now if you are basically an Indian user then you just need to make some changes in your script and then everything will work again and you can easily make money when ever someone clicks on your masked links. So basically we are just going to convert all the http:// links into https:// links which will be accessible from any any computer.

  1. Open your Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Now scroll to </body> where you have pasted scripts.
  3. Now you will to scripts one will link-converter.js file and the other one with entry.js file, so now you just need to change both of these .js files with the one’s I have provided below.

  4. That’s it now your scripts are replaced just hit Save Template and refresh your blog with links, now just try to access any link and see if its working or not.
  5. Well if you need you can check out this video below for more easy instruction’s and tutorial video. Have fun.