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14 September 2013

What are the Minimum Computer Requirements for GTA V

gta-v-coverGTA V is soon going to be launched on 17th of September 2013 and it's still a suspense about its release on the Windows PC platform. Well its confirmer to be coming for xBox 360 and PlayStations 3 but after few proofs it was confirmed that it will be launching for Windows PC sooner or later. Well I have already posted about its new screenshots and trailer that were launched in order to show this wonderful game, well even people are just waiting to get their hands on this game.

Well but a strong question arises that if the game gets released for Windows PC do you have a proper gaming environment setup, well that includes basically your computer and its specifications. Well as soon as any of these hot games get released, well always know that company has put it all together in getting most advanced graphics and gameplay. So we always need to be sure if you have proper gaming specs before actually buying that game.

Well now after looking at the huge GTA V graphics below I can assume few system requirements that might be mandatory to have if you really want to play this game.

gta-v-screenshots (1)gta-v-screenshots (2)gta-v-screenshots (3)gta-v-screenshots (4)gta-v-screenshots (6)gta-v-screenshots (7)gta-v-screenshots (8)

So now from the above images you can already come to a conclusion that this game won't be running on any P4 processor or a 512MB Ram, come on dude this game needs some space, well first you have to be confirmed that you have all the possible stuff setup in order to run any game.

So now make sure you have Minimum or recommended computer specifications in order to play GTA V on your Windows PC.

Minimum GTA V Computer Requirements

Well below are the minimum computer requirements you should have in order to install and play GTA V PC Game, well this specs cannot guarantee a smooth gameplay but yes you would be able to see the great scenery.

  • Operating System - Windows XP 32 SP1 or Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7 SP1.
  • Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz or Equivalent AMD.
  • Graphic Card - 512 MB Nvidia 7900 or 512 MB ATI X1900.
  • Memory - 2GB Ram.
  • DirectX - Version 9.
  • Hard Drive Space - 30-40 GB
  • Sound - DirectX 9 Compatibility.

So above are the minimum requirements, so make sure you have all of them in order to get GTA V playing, well if you are a PRO Gamer and below specs are for you.

Recommended GTA V Computer Requirements

Well now if you are a gaming freak you might be having all the requirements mentioned above but still for an awesome smooth gameplay you should fulfill all the requirements mentioned below. So see what you really have.

  • Operating System - Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7-8 SP1.
  • Processor - Intel i7 3.66 Ghz or Equivalent AMD.
  • Graphic Card - 4GB Nvidia GTX 480 or Similar ATI.
  • Memory - 6GB Ram.
  • DirectX - Version 9 or 11.
  • Hard Drive Space - 30-40 GB
  • Sound - DirectX 9 Compatibility.

So if you have configuration more then mentioned above then you are awesome and your PC is ready for some real gaming, well now its just time to wait till the game actually launches for this wonderful platform.

Well do comment about what you think how this game would be, what would be the most awesome part about this game and if you have already preordered the game.