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20 September 2013

Nokia S40 Devices Bluetooth Switch On & Off Prank

bluetooth-iconIf you or your friend still owns a S40 device then this trick will allow you to prank him up by making his or her Bluetooth not switching off easily, well yes this prank will make his or her Bluetooth option hand and they would not be able to switch off their Bluetooth until they full restart their device. Well I have even posted a harmless Bluetooth prank you can check that too that works pretty well too.

So now if you are interested in pranking your friend to full extent then lets see how this little trick work's, you do not need to have any technical skills to do this but I think this is an inbuilt feature of Nokia then allow you to permanently enable your Bluetooth in case of some serious sharing or Bluetooth tethering.

  1. Make sure your device comes in S40 range.
  2. Now just go to your settings menu and enable the Bluetooth service, so make sure you are able to see the Bluetooth icon in your status bar.
  3. Now just dial *#9990# from that phone and this makes the trick working.
  4. So now trick has been activated and now try going once again to your settings menu and try disabling the Bluetooth feature.
  5. So you won't be able to disable the Bluetooth feature as the trick is working.
  6. So now this will surely get your friend into trouble on how exactly he could disable the Bluetooth service.

Remember Now to disable the Bluetooth service you need to switch off your phone and then turn it on again and now try disabling the service and it will work smoothly. So this is I think some kind of inbuilt Nokia feature, so whatever it is you just do not need to worry and just enjoy pranks right with use.

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