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02 October 2013

How to Bypass Passcode Lockscreen in iOS 7.0.2 using Siri

Apple recently updated their iOS to 7.0.2 to fix those lockscreen bypassing bugs, but while fixing that they gave birth to few more bypassing bugs and this time its using Siri, so yes using Siri you can easily bypass the lockscreen and access all the contacts and even send message to any contact.

Well Nelson from WonderHowTo team has posted a detailed video tutorial demonstrating how this thing actually works and how you can easily bypass your iPhone lockscreen using Siri.

Well what you need to do its hold your iPhone Home button for long enough to start Siri and when it activates you need to make a call to any person that Facetime possibility, so just command "Call (name)" and your call will be made, so as soon as your call is made just press FaceTime option and then as soon as you are taken to the facetime app just press Sleep button.

Now once again press Home button and you will see Facetime is still ongoing above and its visible through that green status bar, now wait for 3 seconds and then slide to unlock and you will be taken to the FaceTime, now you will be taken to the contacts page where you can easily see any contact.

Now if you want to send message to any contact just press Share Contact option as Send Message option won't work, so now just remove the contact from the message body and then choose which contact you want to be message to delivered too and the press send, now your message will be send without even entering any lock passcode, so this is the easiest way to bypass the lockscreen on iOS 7.0.2 using Siri.

So possibly this bug will be soon fixed in the next update but still these bugs could threat people with many activities, well do comment what you think about this bypassing trick and do like and share this post with your friends.