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02 October 2013

Eset Mobile Security for Android 6 Months Free License


Eset Mobile Security is a bundled security app for your Android, Symbian or Windows based phone currently not available for iOS providing you with optimum level of security while using your phone, browsing internet and roaming in some other country. Well it usually comes with everything that many apps in combined could provide you so you get plenty of security by just using one single app.

This app comes with a clean user interface with touch optimized buttons for easier access to the services. You have options like Antivirus that allows you to scan your phone or specific files or even memory card separately. Then you have the Anti-Phishing app that provides you with online security against credit card payment frauds and other login safeties.

You even get that call log filtering option that can easily block any caller and then you won't receive any message or calls from that number. So you could easily blacklist anyone who might be harassing you or disturbing you.


So now Anti-Virus works normally you get popups of what virus has been found then you can easily press on Quarantine option to add it to the list or simply remove that virus from your phone pretty handy feature.

Anti-Theft solution provides you with awesome SMS Commands functionality that you can enable so if your phone gets lost you can easily send some SMS to your phone and it will lock your device, send you the location where it is exactly hidden and even wipe the confidential data that really important to you.

It even comes with the App Audit functionality so you can see which apps are accessing what and if they should really access it or not. You can track them up and then allow or disable access to those apps.

Anti-Phishing is the best way to stay safe and now with this app you do not need to worry about that anymore, so just install the app and start using online accounts fearlessly. Well now this app costs some amount but you are getting this app fro free 6 months trial with full functionality.

  1. Visit Eset Mobile Security Giveaway Page.
  2. Now just fill the form provides on that page with exact and accurate information, make sure to add your device to the list too.
  3. Now press on Submit and you will receive a mail from Eset containing your serial number that you can use to avail free 6 months.
  4. Now it even has the links to download the application, but if you do not get it then you can download it for Android from here and then install the app.

Well so that ends this free giveaway protecting your devices with optimum security, well do check below video for more information on this app. Have fun and do comment if you find any problem.