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17 October 2013

Facebook Official Windows 8.1 Application Free Download


Facebook has already started customizing its web layout to provide that clutter free look which we posted earlier. Well possibly we won't get the same look as mentioned in few design layouts but still it has started modifying its layout and soon we will be a getting unified look that will be same for windows apps, iOS and Android phone and even the online layout.

So now facebook has already released its Windows 8.1 app after this Windows was officially announced. So now this app released for Windows 8.1 platform looks pretty similar to what design has already been demonstrated by facebook in above posts.

So you will be getting all those sliding and browsing features on the left, so by sliding you will see all hose features, on the right chat will dazzle and you can easily pick any of your friend and start chatting with them easily.


So now your photos looks much more awesome with this above light-box effect you could see, well you can Like and Comment straight away. You can even have group conversations and then sharing all those files and stuff can be done easily too.

You will even get all those notifications and updates on your start screen, so you won't miss any urgent or awesome update by any of your friend. So now obviously you will need Windows 8.1 installed in order to get this app downloaded to your computer.

So now grab the Windows 8.1 and then just download the app from the links given above and then install it on your Windows to get that awesome FB experience.