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04 October 2013

How to Set Live Cam Images as your Desktop Background


Backgrounds and Wallpapers are loved by everyone, people try to embed some nice images onto their desktop to always give a fresh look to it and keep their work more productive. Well earlier we posted on how you can easily change your desktop background automatically and that using Bing Website Images well that's good too and the another one was more amazing as you could easily set any movie or video as your desktop background using VLC Media Player.

But today I found another useful tool that allows you to set Live Cam Images from all over the world as your desktop background. Well yes this tool will fetch the live feed and images stored on their server and then download it to your computer to some drive and then automatically make that image as your desktop background.

  1. Download Live Cam Wallpaper utility.
  2. Now just install this utility on your computer.
  3. So after installing it up you have to configure the tool to get best images around the world to be your desktop background.
  4. So now as you can see in the above image you have few options on the left hand side that you can configure.
  5. First: Number of Pictures, so you can set how many images you want to fetch from the live cam server.
  6. Second: Refresh Time, states after what time you want the image to be changed and shuffled for your new desktop background.
  7. Three: Run on Startup, so you can enable this option if you need this utility to run on startup and start changing images.
  8. Fourth: Changing Places, yes this options is just awesome you can choose the places you would like to use as your desktop background, so just choose a good place and Live Cam Wallpapers will fetch images from that place.

So now you can easily change your desktop background automatically using Live Cam Images from all over the world, well just choose a right place to access the images and that will blow your desktop up, so have fun and do share this post. Well check the below video of this tool in action.