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04 November 2013

How to Create your own Personalized Browser Online

Have brother or sister with you who regularly use single computer to browse internet, well then you might be facing privacy issues and even feel some headache signing in and out of your browser each time you open it up and then comes the bookmarks that also might be modified according to their usage, well what's the solution, well we found one that called "makemybrowser" that simply allows you to create your own personalized browser using simple options and the best part is you can easily create browsers for all your family members for their personal use.

Now MakeMyBrowser allows you to choose your browser's personalized name, icon that you wanna display, your bookmarks and you even have the option to choose a nice theme to make your browser look awesome. So now lets get started !

  1. Visit MakeMyBrowser and press the "Start Now" button.
  2. Now you will be able to see the option to add your browser name and icon so choose the best name and icon that you wanna use.
  3. Now after adding your name and icon press the Select Bookmarks option and then you will see pre added bookmarks, well you can keep them or you can manually add some of yours that you like.
  4. Now you have added your bookmarks and personal Homepage you can proceed to next step that's adding some style to your browser by choosing a good theme.
  5. So now they have some 8 themes predefined, so choose the one you like and then agree to the terms and press Finish & Download option.
  6. Now your browser will get prepared and you will get your file, now the file is 400KB in size so when you first open it up it will download few files online to get the browser running, so wait and enjoy your browser.

Now this browser is based on Chromium so all the chrome extensions are compatible with this browser, so now just create a new browser for your loved one's and add their image as their browser icon so they can easily open their own browser and not accidently checking your emails.