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11 November 2013

How to Find your Facebook Friends Ranking Score Easily

smiley-logoWe usually post a lot of tricks and hack related to facebook as I recently posted on how you can easily tag all your friends @ once using simple javascript hack, well that worked great and today I found another good script developed by Arjunsreedharan that allows you to easily access your facebook friends ranking score and display it right at one place.

So now basically it's a combination of many things that are accessed while gathering all these scores from photos tagged to the profile visits, so many things are counted and on that basis this score is determined. So now lets see how you can easily access this score and see your friends ranking on facebook.

  1. Drag FB Ranking bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar in chrome or firefox.
  2. Now visit and click this bookmarklet.
  3. Now just wait for few seconds as it will fetch all things and display you the score.
  4. Now lower the score, higher is the ranking of that friend.
  5. So you might be able to see some names that are not your friends but those the people you might have searched and given a visit to their profile.
  6. So the javascript we are using this provided below, if you wanna see how this script was actually created so you can fiddle with the script by getting permission from the creator of this script.

javascript:(function()%7Bfunction creator(e,t,n)%7Bvar r=document.createElement(n);var i=document.createTextNode(t);r.appendChild(i);e.appendChild(r)%7Dfunction displayData(e)%7Bvar t=document.createElement("table");var n=document.createElement("thead");t.appendChild(n);var r=document.createElement("tr");creator(r,"Name","th");creator(r,"Score","th");n.appendChild(r);var s=document.createElement("tbody");t.appendChild(s);for(i=0;i<e.length;i++)%7Bvar r=document.createElement("tr");creator(r,e%5Bi%5D%5B"text"%5D,"td");creator(r,e%5Bi%5D%5B"grammar_costs"%5D%5B"%7Buser%7D"%5D,"td");s.appendChild(r)%7Ddocument.body.innerHTML="";document.body.appendChild(t)%7Did=requireDynamic("Env").user;url="//"+id+"&__a=1";x=new XMLHttpRequest;x.onreadystatechange=function()%7Bif(x.readyState==4&&x.status==200)%7Bsrr=JSON.parse(x.responseText.substring(9)).payload.entries;displayData(srr)%7D%7D;"GET",url,true);x.send()%7D)()

Now you can easily access your facebook friends ranking on the basis of few things that actually calculated automatically, well this even shows you the list of people that you might have searched and given a visit to their profile's so it's a good way to spy on your brother and sister and see who they are searching for too :)