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19 November 2013

How to Obtain a Custom Username for Google+ URL

google  urlGoogle+ recently introduced custom URL for everyone who was eligible to get it for their personal profile, so earlier they gave the custom URL to all the big stars but now small newbies were in luck to avail this special feature to make their profile look much more short and simple.

Well now you might have received a email from Google+ regarding your profile username eligibility or you might have seen that notification bar if you are regular user of Google+ if you not we still have a simple way to avail this feature and get you a simple custom URL for your google+ profile page.

Now everyone is not able to get tis custom URL, well you need to have a proper userbase on Google+ in order to get this custom URL, well if you are a regular user then this feature would be surely available for you so let see how you can apply it.

  1. Visit Google+ and Sign-In.
  2. Now navigate to Profile > About, so now if you are eligible for this feature then you might be able to see a black bar sliding with text (your profile is eligible for custom URL) or scroll down to Links section and press Get URL.
  3. google  custom urlNow you will see some popup like on the right hand side.
  4. So now if your was available you you will see a green arrow on the right, else you need to enter some more number's or alphabets in order to get your available custom name.
  5. Now after you see the green mark just press Change URL option and it will ask for confirmation that if you really wanna make a change with the name chosen.
  6. So now choose Accept and enjoy your new Custom Google+ URL.

So guys that's it now you will have a nice custom URL for your Google+ profile, have fun sharing this with all your friends, Enjoy.