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08 November 2013

Transform your Google Chrome New Tab Page into iOS 7


As we have earlier posted on how you can easily transform your windows 7 into Mac OSX well now if you are using that tweak and you want to completely transform your windows looks into an iMac then this tweak is just for you, well now you can easily change or transform your Google chrome's default boring new tab page into stylish iOS 7 tab page with awesome wiggling deletion and other features.

So as you can see in the above screenshot you get that same iOS look and feel + you even have that hold app edit features right in this too. Well you just need to hold your mouse click on any app for few seconds and that's it it will activate that edit mode and you can easily disable that mode by double clicking anywhere or pressing Esc key.

It even comes with a settings mode that you can fiddle in order to set your own personalized wallpapers, you can easily import and export settings and even set your own personalized homepage for this new iOS 7 home.

Another best part is that it comes up with an App Store that you can access in order to download and install few apps in combination with the chrome store, so now this tweak can be installed easily using a simple extension so click on the link on the right and install this extension onto your chrome and start tweaking :)