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05 March 2014

Receive AdSense Payments using Wire Transfer in India


Being an Indian publisher we have to face the payments problems made by google as there are bad postal conditions and even after receiving that hard worked payment after 2 weeks in form of check we still have to deposit in the local branch to get the amount cleared in 4-5 days depending on the bank you have deposited it too. Well now earlier there were rumors that google will soon launch the another best possible method that EFT (Electronic Finds Transfer) that really fast and easy to be used.

What is EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or Wire Transfer

Well now you might be thinking that what is exactly Wire Transfer and why you should actually OPT in for this feature, well Wire Transfer means getting your payments directly into your bank account, so this saves you from the bank trip to drop your check and then allow it to clear.

Well now with Wire Transfer it won’t take much long as after your payment is released by Google you will receive your payment in your bank account within 2-3 days possibly and now you do not have to think about those postal problems.

Well you have to bear few changes for this service its like Rs.56 – Rs.110 for once transfer, well that really nominal as you are bypassing all those check problem’s for GOD’s SAKE :p so see below how to apply for this feature.

How to Apply for AdSense Wire Transfer Payment Mode

Well still you do not have have any visible option to shift to this awesome feature but there is a little workaround as mentioned on this official announcement, well you need to activate the Self-Hold option before 16th of March 2014 to show AdSense that you are interested in this feature and would surely like to opt in for this feature.

Well as they have said they will make this feature as default in upcoming months, but still they are not forcing everyone to opt in for this feature, so if you are really interested for this ne then you can easily activate this for free.
  1. Open AdSense Account.
  2. Now navigate to your Account Settings.
  3. Now under Payment Settings, click on edit Self-Hold.
  4. Now you need to mark HOLD Payments option and then press on Apply button.

That’s it now you have successfully completed the steps that would activate your feature within in a week or so, but make sure you do this before 16th of March 2014 as that’s the last date for changing your payment mode.