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11 March 2014

How to Remove Crappy Advertisements from Facebook

You might be aware that online website including our blog has its primary income source that’s advertisements and if we disable them then we might not be able to serve you with better and free knowledge. Even the social network giant FACEBOOK works on the advertisement platform and get their living from it. Well many advertisers love to broadcast their product or websites on these platform to gain some visitors and get their product sailing like wind.


But still many people hate viewing all those ads and they just wanna be relived from those advertisements so that they can have a true and confortable social experience. Well earlier we posted about removing ads from android apps and games using the HOSTS file trick that blocks all those advertisers and we even posted about the YouTube Center Add-on that helps you doing the same on your YouTube Videos.

Well I found an awesome userscript that will work pretty well for removing all your ads, sponsored ads from facebook. So now lets see how exactly you can install this userscript on your chrome and firefox browser.

  1. If you are on chrome make sure to install Tampermonkey extension and if you are on firefox install Greasemonkey add-on.
  2. Now you need to install the Facebook: Cleaner userscript and then just press OK when it asks for installing it on your browser.

That’s it now just open your facebook account and see all those advertisements vanished away without any problem. Well I used this script and it worked pretty fine, well if you face any problem do comment below so that I can fix it up.