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14 April 2014

How to Fix Blogger Images Color Changing after Uploading


Well recently while posting images on blogger I faced image color changing issue that seemed like images are automatically changing their colors when they are uploaded in your blogger posts, well now that's not that bad as sometimes images are enhanced in a nice way but sometimes I saw color being DE-saturated and that looked really bad. So when I made a search on google that why it started happening and if I was the only one facing that problem, but unfortunately I end up in the google forums where many blogger's have complained about this same and some good blogs have already posted a nice trick to disable this effect.

What Causes this Problem ?

Well this is not a blogger fault but Google+ is doing these mischievous activities, so your blogger account is connected to the Google+ account and its automatically enhancing the images those are uploaded on its server. So from its part it's a plus feature but we all blogger's are not getting much from this feature.

So what we are going to do, is disable this feature and revert to normal image uploading without any image enhancing tweak acting on images.

How to Disable Google+ Image Enhancing Feature

So yes now we will see how to exactly disable this feature and get all the future images uploaded in the normal way we are uploading. So now lets see how to disable this feature in google+ settings.

  1. google-plus-auto-enhanceVisit Google+ Settings Page.
  2. Now scroll down till you see Photos and Videos, under that you will see the Auto Enhance option just mark it as "OFF"

That's it now your settings are saved automatically and now you can upload your images to your blogger account without any change in color or contrast, now your normal image will be uploaded everytime you upload it.

Now if you think that the image enhancement was little more awesome then the normal image then you can anytime enabled it once again and your images will be enhance automatically, so guys have fun and if you face any problem do comment below.