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25 April 2014

How to Save HTML Snippets in Windows Live Writer

HTML Snippets are used in order to embed any widget right inside your blog post, you can easily add advertisements, recent posts, random posts and many other things like I do in my blog. So you might have seen the download buttons and earlier I used to add those Demo and Download button both together for previewing and downloading the blogger templates, well I created the widget, styled it using CSS and then store the HTML that is used to activate that widget.


So now this little plugin allows you to save all those HTML snippets right into it by renaming them differently. So now you can just insert anything in future by just double clicking on that name.

Text Template Plugin for Windows Live Writer

So Text Template plugin can could be used to store those demo and download buttons and even the recent posts label option like I add in many of my posts. So you can even add the styling to your YouTube video by adding some nice border for the widget in which you can embed your video.

So there are endless possibilities you can do with this awesome plugin. Now this is obviously available for free from Microsoft, so lets see how to download and install it. Well you can check the below video for more easy explanation.

  1. Download Text Template Plugin.
  2. Now after downloading this plugin, make sure your Windows Live Writer is not running, now just double click to install this plugin.
  3. Now open your Live Writer and shift to the Inset tab.
  4. add-new-template-text-templateUnder Plugins you will see your Text Template option, just click on that and choose Add New Template.
  5. So now as you can see in the image on right, just add the Title for that HTML Snippet, give it's a category and then add the HTML.
  6. Now just press Accept and then it will ask you to save your first Template as an .XML file.
  7. Now your template is saved, so now you can easily add that same HTML snippet anytime inside your posts by just choosing its name and then double clicking on it.

So guys now you can save your HTML Snippets pretty easily and add them anytime and anywhere in your blog posts by just choosing the snippet, well this works great and has pretty much no bugs. Well I use this plugin on daily basis for adding many widget right inside my blog posts, so if you face any problem installing this plugin do comment below I will be happy to help you out.