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11 May 2014

How to Automatically Blur Faces in YouTube Videos

YouTube is among one of the most popular video clip site in the world by the technology titan Google. In some videos we do not want to disclose our faces or individuals in that video. In such situations, this Blur Face function of YouTube is an excellent advantage.

Face acknowledgment feature was first introduced in Picasa then it was adjusted in Google plus and now Facebook, this face recognition attribute has actually benefited a a great deal for individuals who wished to tag their close friends based upon their faces, Google has actually adjusted this feature to YouTube to becloud chosen faces while uploading a video.

This terrific feature of Google is now live on YouTube. You could access the attribute of YouTube while submitting your video by picking Enhancements and then under Additional setups and afterwards pick Blur all faces.

  1. After your have uploaded your video on YouTube just click on the video and press the enhancements options.
  2. Now under Special Effects there is Blur All Faces option.
  3. Now if you have so many faces in your video then just press the Apply button you can see like in the above image.
  4. Now just wait it will process your video and it will apply the effect to your video.

So now your faces will get Blurred away, well you also have the option to delete your original video and get this new video live + the effect is irreversible, so make sure you really want this effect to be live in order to achieve it.