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26 May 2014

How to Easily Complete Fileice Surveys to Download File


FileIce is a cutting edge Pay Per Download website making use of the greatest transforming reward studies, providing you the very best payout rates in order to take advantage of your site and make you cash on the internet. Well but the problem many users face is downloading using this website, well it provides a huge cash back for the persona who have actually uploaded the file on this website.

But person who is downloading files from this site actually faces a lot of issues downloading files as surveys are really hard to be completed in one go, and in other cases you even need to purchase stuff to get the survey completed.

Well today I will be showing an easy way that you can use in order to download useful files from well using this trick you have 90% chances that your files will be unlocked in one go, else you always have the option to repeat the steps and get your file downloaded. So lets get started.

  1. First step is to Uninstall any Download Manager like IDM (Internet Download Manager) or DAP (Download Accelerator Plus), as we want the download to be taken within the browser that why.
  2. Now you need to make sure to clean your browser cookies and any registry left overs, well I recommend to use CCleaner tool for this step.
  3. So now after downloading and installing CCleaner, simply press the Run Cleaner button to clean all the junk and left overs.
  4. Now we need to download another IP Hiding tool caller "Hide My IP" to mask our IP address behind the USA IP.
  5. After masking your IP behind the USA servers, now you need to open up your Fileice link and click the Regular Download button.
  6. Now you need to find a good survey that might only require some kind of registration, well you can use the Get $100 Starbucks Gift Card, as that worked pretty well at the time of testing.
  7. Now you will be redirected to some page where there will be some once click questions with answers, just press on Yes and start following the whole seminar. It will ask your age choose the right one.
  8. Well now it will ask your Email address, well now its time for the FakeNameGenerator online tool to do its magic. Well now just choose a random male from USA and all the fake information will be provided.
  9. Just copy the email address provided, now your email address will look something like simply change the with to make it look more genuine.
  10. Now enter the other information, name, address, ZIP code and anything from the information generated using FakeNamegenerator tool.
  11. Now after submitting your information your file be possibly unlocked and you can easily download your files.
  12. Now if you want to download another file, then simply use the CCleaner tool once again to clear all the junk file's and then use the exact procedure to download another file from the Fileice servers.

So guys now you can easily completed or bypassed the Fileice survey's hence downloading your file pretty easily. So it won't be a problem for you in future, anytime you come across a file that bonded with Fileice survey's you know the exact way to crack them up and enjoy you file easily.