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04 May 2014

What are the Benefits and Uses of the Holy "INTERNET"

internet-logoWell I have added the work Holy right behind the word "Internet" as I think is the most respected thing anyone could bow in front off to give respect. Well Internet has taken our life's to a next level bringing everything a lot faster, easier & safer. We can talk to our parents living abroad, learn knowledgeable stuff online and even SHOP for our favorite jeans from outstation websites.

So overall if you look at Internet has given us everything, my whole business runs on its platform and I am devoted to it with my full SOUL. So today I will be writing about the best benefits and uses of Internet in your modern lifestyle.

  1. Entertainment – with the full list of online services we are able to entertain ourselves by streaming videos using the YouTube platform, streaming movies using Netflix and even playing games with our friends staying abroad. So overall we get a whole lot of services that we can enjoy using Internet.
  2. Obtaining Information – nowadays people are bypassing reading books and other stuff as everything is available right online. One can simple Google anything and get results instantly. We can use Wikipedia to obtain some biographic data. So obtaining information these days is lot easier.
  3. Online Bookings – with the help of internet booking movie tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant dining has become a lot easier. One can search for the movie shows available in town cinema and then book tickets right away. This reduces travelling cost and even allows you to get the best you actually want.
  4. Social Networking – have some cousins abroad, well chatting with them is lot easier. One can create a free social network account like on Facebook and then start sharing their lovely memories by just uploading photos, sharing videos and even chatting on the GO.
  5. Free Calling – with the help of internet one can use the VOIP service to call your friends and family for free. Services like Skype charge you nothing but a free account, create your account add your friends and start calling them free. You can even make a free group video call.
  6. Blogging – possibly the best use of internet you can make is doing blogging, create your free blog using blogger and monetize it using AdSense. Well you can check out this $10 Business Startup Guide.
  7. Getting Latest News – well currently Newspaper are still rolling but soon these will get a ban due a whole lot of paper loss and three cutting, so now all the news channels are posting new right away on their website's, one can easily access these website and get latest news right away. These website have even created their apps that deliver news notification right away. So its another good benefit of internet one can easily get every single news right away.

So pretty much these were the few good and awesome benefits of using Internet, well if you think I missed any good point that should be here, then do comment below, any problems you can even email me using the contact form :)