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06 June 2014

7 Major Android Features Copied by Apple in iOS 8

This legend of criticizing one another for copying the core functions and the noteworthy points, has actually been running considering that long and whenever there is a significant statement done by a brand name, the other claims that the majority of it is motivated or copied. The concern to ask right here, is whether it is actually required to criticize the other social event for copying the functions? is the condemning side so special and it never ever did anything comparable?

Take Apple for example, a minimum of for this year's WWDC Keynote where the iOS 8 was revealed. Apple constantly draws the leg of rivals throughout the keynote, and this time it was over the line. Not that I'm an Android fan, I such as Apple and it's iOS environment. However the blame video game needs to be restricted and you can gladly do it just if you are special and have something completely various.


Apple has actually been special with rather a great deal of things however there was rather a great deal of inspired things this time, in the iOS 8. However that does not truly matter when the user requires the functions which's incorporated into the OS. Exactly what one does not such as is the method Apple attempted to display itself as a brand name which does everything right and much better than the other brand names.

Apple iCloud Picture Library - Google+ Photos

Unlike earlier, now the Apple users would have the ability to keep even more than 1000 pictures and videos in their library, and everything would be now saved in the cloud, i.e. in the iCloud Picture Library. However had not been Google doing that currently? the Google+ pictures has the endless storage for pictures and videos. Performance is rather the very same, where you can sync the media on various gadgets.

QuickType keyboard and Predictive Typing

Apple called this as a smart keyboard for the iOS gadgets, however Android has actually been having this based upon the service company offering it. These functions, if not readily available with the Android keyboard, would be readily available with the 3rd party services/apps which have actually been readily available from years.

Hey Siri - Ok Google Now

The hot word Ok Google Now was readily available in numerous Android gadgets with the most recent Android OS, and you can make use of that with the Google Now showcase. Apple presented Siri a number of variations earlier to the iOS 8 however the "Hello Siri" hotword to trigger it and pay attention to your commands is something brand new from Apple for the iOS users. Everything began with the Voice Actions which were presented in Android, to which Apple reacted with Siri, however Google remained ahead with the hot word detection.

Hot word detection keeps the mic constantly active and hence, there is a battery drain. Hence, the Google Now Launcher keeps the detection on just when the screen is switched on. However with Moto X, the word is discovered even when the screen is switched off, since the gadget has a devoted processor for the voice, however Apple does not have such a thing yet, hence you would have the ability to make use of the "Hello Siri" function just when the iOS gadget is plugged in and charging.

Interactive Notifications - Are these brand-new?

The interactive alerts in the iOS 8 is something brand-new for the Apple gadget users, and Apple provided rather a lot for buzz for it. It is something where the users would have the ability to reply to the alerts right from the alert panel, without needing to leave the existing app page. Android does not have this? they have it given that long for some apps, where you might straight strike the reply or archive button on Gmail app, Call back or message a contact whose call was missed out on and received the notice panel. Furthermore, you might set up the CyanogenMod to make things even much better.

TestFlight for Developers

Apple has actually now enabled the designers to run and beta test the apps prior to formally launching them in the App Establishment This sought the service contractor got TestFlight, an innovation which considers that function to the designers. However Android users have actually been getting the function of beta screening the apps currently, given that rather a long time now.

Videos in the App Pages in Shop

Apple's designer crowd were impressed and cheered gladly when it was revealed that they would now be able to include videos and reveal them in the App Establishment. In Android, this was something the designers had the ability to do since 2010, 4 years earlier.

Widgets for 3rd party Apps

iOS still does not permit the widgets on the house screens however there is at least some possibility in the notice center, where the widgets are offered as an alert, and you can experiment with it. In Android, widgets is something quite advanced and you can have those widgets on the house screens, alert panel. In Apple, there is a now a 3rd party app support unlike everything that was offered just for the system apps, however that is once more currently seen in Android OS.

There's a great list of such functions which Apple pointed out for the very first time, while the Android users have actually been taking pleasure in considering that a great deal of time. Apple took motivation from Android, if you take a look at the WWDC occasion this year however Android too does that, and there's absolutely nothing wrong in doing that when you are dealing with the requirements of the users, however the blame game is exactly what makes it look bad when the renowned and appreciated brand names do it. So I hope you enjoyed this awesome post, showing you some major features that Apple might got inspired from Android.