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06 June 2014

Encrypt your Text & Emails using Codify Full Version

If you are sending some important email and maybe some text that contains some really vital information then its really good to encrypt that text so that if someone traces or sniff your stuff then he won't be able to read the actual text. So there are many tools available online and offline that you can use to secure your text and emails pretty easily, well I have already posted about Encipher IT which is pretty similar tool that you can use to encrypt your text but today I will be showing you another awesome tool named codify which is available for free using some promotional offer.

codify encryption tool

Codify let you develop, modify and secure texts simple and quick. The recipient will just require the complimentary version of Codify and the password to decrypt
your message. Codify makes use of the AES-256 algorithm to firmly keep
your passwords. Use Codify to protect your most personal and reasonable information or simply the material of your e-mails. Encrypt and decrypt any text or e-mails with a safe and secure password. Codify allows you to secure with just one click. The password management tracks your passwords and decrypt with just one click.

Codify Encryption Tool Full Version for Free

So now this till is obviously not available for free but using this awesome promotional giveaway you can get this tool for free.

  1. Download Codify Tool for windows.
  2. Now you need to install this tool and then it will ask you to register so enter your email address and it will send you a link.
  3. Click the link in your email and you Codify version will become full version.
  4. Now you can just enter the text that you want to encrypt and then choose a nice password and press "Encrypt" that's it now your text will get changed to some unknown language.
  5. Simply copy that text and send to anyone, now your partner need to download the free version of Codify to "Decrypt" the text.
  6. Download Codify free version from their official website, now tell him to enter that text and then enter the password you will provide him and after that pressing "Decrypt" option will show him the real text.

So now you can enjoy sending some private text without getting traced about what actually the matter is, simply encrypt the text and enjoy sending anonymous messages. Well you can also check out the HTML Encrypter that can help you in encrypting your HTML codes from being changed or sniffed.