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08 August 2014

How to Recover an Unsaved Document in MS Office

Many times it happens by chance or due to system failure you might loose your important document, as you might not have saved it properly, well if it did happen to you then we have a simple solution to this problem that will help you in recovering your documents and hence saving it in proper format as you would like too. Well as I have noticed this feature is working in MS Office 2010 and above, so make sure your version is matching before trying below steps.

So now what exactly MS Office does is that it simply saves a draft copy every second you type something or add anything to your presentation, so in case of system failure you can easily recover your document easily. Well if the system failed then next time you open your document you will automatically get the document recovering prompt but if you have closed the document by your own then you need to navigate to some option to recover the document easily.

  1. Open MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint again.
  2. Now navigate to File > Info > Manage Version.
  3. Now click little dropdown menu and press select Recover Unsaved Documents, if you are on excel click Recover Unsaved Workbooks or presentation in PowerPoint.
  4. So you get the point how its actually done, now it will show you the recently draft list, just double click on that draft and your are good to go.
  5. Your document will get loaded up, now you just need to edit the text and then save it normally like you do so.

Well the documents are saved inside the Microsoft folder, which you can find using below path, just navigate to the below path and open the file.

  • Windows Vista/7 : C:/Users/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft.
  • Windows XP : C:/Documents and Settings/Application Data/Microsoft.

How to Configure the Auto Recover Option in MS Office

Well if you wish to change the timing of Auto Save and make some other changes you can navigate to File > Options > Save. Well the default time for Auto Saving is 10 Minutes, you can change it whatever you would to, well I would recommend that you should change it in between 3-5 minutes.

So guys this ends this beautiful post, hope you liked it, well if you face any another problem do comment below, I would be glad to help you out.