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20 September 2014

Uninstall AVG Products Completely with AVG Remover

I usually post about freebies and how you can get awesome security suites for your system for free with all the promotional offers. Well I posted earlier about the AVG Internet Security and Antivirus giveaway company hosted, maybe that's not available right now you can just give it a try, BTW I update all those posts everytime I come across some working giveaway.


Well I have never posted about the tools that are actually used to uninstall the products from your system. Well normal people use the Add/Remove Programs feature that comes inbuilt in windows to remove any installed software from their system. And few who are pretty technical knows best tools to get RID of every single trace from the system using REVO Uninstaller but now AVG officially provides the uninstaller tool for their products so that its easy for you to remove their product from your system in case you have upgraded to some other antivirus suite.

AVG Remover 2015 for Free Download

Now not only a normal uninstall but if you have failed installing the AVG Antivirus suite on your system then you can also RUN this tool to remove any traces for the fresh install. So now this is a portable tool so running it is very easy.

Just download the 32 BIT or 64 BIT version according to your PC, then double click on the downloaded file and it will open a command window with a pop up window showing some warnings like data will be deleted blah blah, simply read and press Yes to remove and clean all the traces from your system.

When it done your system will be rebooted for 1-2 times, so let it work the way it wants to, then you can reinstall the AVG and install any other antivirus program, easily. Well I would recommend you to check the Top 5 Antivirus Programs for Windows.