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05 September 2014

3 Simple Tips that can FIX your Internet Explorer Crashes

Internet Explorer by Microsoft is among the earliest internet browsers in the history. In the very first years of the release of IE, virtually every internet user was making use of Internet Explorer as their default browser. Still now, a few of the contents on the internet sites are viewable just in IE.

Now, Internet Explorer has actually continued to be simply a crap-ware, and verified that it is the very best browser to download other browsers. Although Google has actually assisted Microsoft to repair some bugs in Internet Explorer The Internet Explorer, still can not show that it is the very best. As the IE is needlessly loaded with add-on, diagnostic devices, etc. it is sluggish.

"How to accelerate Internet explorer?" is the usual concern amongst Internet users. I will certainly offer you some ideas for this.

#1. Disable add-ons to accelerate Internet Explorer

I have actually informed earlier that the unneeded add-ons are the major cause for the failure of Internet Explorer. Let us see the best ways to disable add-ons on IE.

  1. Open Run Command by pressing Windows + R
  2. Type iexplore.exe -extoff and press Enter.
  3. Now Internet Explorer without add-ons will certainly introduce, which will certainly enhance the efficiency.

You can Manually Disable all the Add-Ons from its Settings

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on the Small Gear Icon.
  3. Click Manage add-ons.
  4. Select all addons.
  5. Press Disable all.

#2. Clear Temporary Files and Cache Sometimes

  1. Open Run Dialog by pressing Windows + R
  2. Enter %temp%
  3. Select all files and right click DELETE.

Now you should also clear Cache and Cookies

  1. Download CCleaner
  2. After download is complete simply Install the Application.
  3. Choose every option for Internet Explorer like in the below image.
  4. Now just press the Run Cleaner option and boom everything will be deleted.

#3. Disable JavaScript and ActiveX Controls

Although allowing JavaScript will certainly load some internet sites beautifully. Disabling JavaScript will certainly enhance the browser speed and stability to 5 times the initial speed.

To Disable JavaScript - Begin Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Active Scripting and set it to 'Disable'

To Disable ActiveX - Set 'Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins' at the exact same window to 'Disable'. This disables Flash too.

So now possibly your Internet Explorer will work fast and even it will be more responsive. You won't face any more crashes, so guys hope this tutorial helps you out in making your IE somewhat better.