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02 September 2014

ENJOY HackingUniversity Blog with Windows Application

Well I am really grateful to Saurav Yashu an app developer for creating a windows based app for our blog. Well he just asked me for the permission that if he can use our feeds URL so that he can fetch all the posts and syndicate it to his application, well overall the feeds application is free and anyone can use but still this guy was respectful enough to ask me if he could really use it.

Well finally he just created the application, well frankly speaking I have not checked the working of the application but assuming its going to be good blog syndicating app. Well now one can easily view our blog posts using this application on his Windows Based Phone or Windows 8 Computer I guess.

hacking university windows app 2hacking university windows app

Download HackingUniversity Application for Windows

Well now you can easily install the application on your Windows 8.1 computer, simply visit the link on the right from your Windows 8.1 computer and then install the application. After that you can open up this blog and enjoy reading all the posts that will be updated automatically as soon as I update this blog.

Well I wanna once again thank Saurav Yashu for spending his time and experience in creating this application. Well further updates for this application will be handled by him only, maybe he brings something more awesome stuff, well do visit his website maybe he got something else for you all.