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14 February 2016

Hitleap Cloaked Traffic Exchange System Review 2016

hitleap traffic exchange

Usually if you aware with the guidelines from google and any other search giant who might be providing you advertisements, maybe some monetization program, they have clearly mentioned that using any other source instead of organic traffic might increase your chances of looking your account. Well people usually use traffic exchange system to gain website popularity, traffic and even increasing your revenue.

Well even I use many traffic exchange programs to get traffic to different website's I own, those are pretty personal and I recommend that using some good one won't make any problem. I found Hitleap to be one of them and today I will be showing you all the features of it and best way to utilize Hitleap online service.

Hitleap Provides Cheap Traffic Minutes

Well yes this would be my first view on Hitleap that its pretty cheap, you get a premium account for approx. Rs.600 and that allows you to add more websites like 15 of them + you get some minutes bonus like 5000 for premium and 2000 for premium lite which is around Rs.300.

Now by just paying Rs.800 you could get 30,000 Hits for 20 Sec/Hit. So if you decrease your time you get more hits, the more time you want a single hit to be shot the hits you are going to get. So I would recommend you to go with around 15 Sec/Hit and that will give you around 40,000 Hits for approx.s.800.

Now obviously this could be divided into your different websites, so more you have the less you are going to get but still you are getting traffic on many websites for cheap.

Traffic could be Cloaked for Ease


Well the best thing I found about their service is that you can easily cloak the traffic with any search engine like Google, or maybe some social like Facebook hence you traffic will be genuine but to make it more real its totally cloaked, that depends on your either you want it or not, so you can even choose to go with direct option.

Well obviously this feature is not available in free version, you need to upgrade to premium for approx. Rs.500/month to get this awesome feature.

Surfing Websites is Easy

Well they provide an awesome desktop tool that you can use to surf other's websites and gain free minutes to get traffic on your site for absolutely free. So it really gets easier to earn free minutes and get traffic for free if you are really not interested in purchasing their cheap packages.

Cheap Traffic Packages to Purchase


So if you are like me who do not like to surf other's website's then they even provide you with cheap traffic package that provides minutes which could be utilized to get traffic to your site. So you simply purchase the minutes and get traffic going.

Awesome Referral Program

Hitleap even provides you with amazing referral program that can provide you 30% of the minutes your referral will actually earn and even 50% of the cash value of any purchase he makes. So now its your time to Sign Up for this awesome traffic exchange system and get your site rolling dozens of genuine hits.