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22 September 2014

[Review] Reliance Broadband The Worst Internet Ever

reliance asshole broadband

As the myth goes on "If you get anything for cheap you should check it deeply, it might be having some hidden bullshit" This tagline fits perfect for the Reliance "Ass" Broadband. Well I am writing this review after getting fully buffed up with the crappy service they are providing. Their internet does not work and the worst part is the customer service, I am using this in Chandigarh and they are having only one person "as said by him personally" to check any problems.

WOW! Only one person in the Union Territory, well that explains the whole thing. As the dawn came for Reliance Telecom sector, this will soon be down like it only, well it's a live example why their telecom service just vanished away.

Why Reliance Broadband Internet is BULLSHIT

Well first thing is that I live in Ambala and I am currently using BuzzNet, it's a new ISP in partnership with the RailWire (Government Company) and earlier I faced a lot of problem with this one too, as they were new they were setting up their base, so at that time I called "Reliance like 10 times I guess" asking then that if their broadband is available in Ambala (Haryana), their customer support said yes its totally available and a customer representative will call me in max 24 hours.

Well I waited a lot and I received no phone call from their side. Well I repeated this 10 times I guess because I needed internet immediately as I am a blogger and without internet its really difficult for me to coop up with my work.

Till now I received no phone call, but luckily I shifted to Chandigarh to complete my video effects course, I just took a PG in my friends Hotel and they were providing free Wi-Fi service and they were using Reliance Broadband.

So for 2-3 days everything went well but then it started giving problems. I asked the manager about the connection [not being established, he called the "Single Guy" to fix the internet, he came he fixed nothing, and he went away. I took the number from him and called him, I said net is still not working, he said I fixed it but it was not working till that time. Then he said now I am not having time I will come tomorrow.

Boom, no sign of him tomorrow too, then I called the Hotel Owner and asked him to call the support, he called that guy again and then he came he fixed something and then internet was up.

Internet Disconnecting after 1 Minute

Well after the internet was up it worked for like 2-3 hours and the it started disconnecting, after 1 minute it was connecting and then disconnecting again. It was a worse situation for atleast me, as I was not able to concentrate on my work. I again called the owner he said he is facing the same issue and this is just not working great. He even said he is planning to disconnect this internet and get something else like Airtel or so, as this is just causing a lot of problems.

Well I said to wait and see for one more day. The next day the guy came (that single guy) he checked everything and then went somewhere to fix something from the backend, he came and said now internet will work fine as wire was conflicting from the backend and now its totally fixed you can continue using their internet.

The Problem Goes On Nothing Fixed

Once again after he fixed the internet, the Internet was up for like 5-6 hours and boom same problem started again. And now its down from like 1 day, I am able to see the connection but its not connecting overall. Its saying connection cannot be established. I called the guy again, he said you are something with it everytime, so he is busy right now, I said its urgent due to my work, he said he is the only one who takes care for the any problems. He is busy and will come later.

WOW! I just said come on lord show me a way to SUE this ASS company, why they are even considered as RICH when they are running such a nasty company. Other company's like Airtel are committed to their customer base. Why Reliance is acting like a Dumb Ass, do they not have any idea how t work.

My Personal Experience

Well as I have narrated my whole personal experience I will say don't go for Reliance, as I think its really not the way they display their plans, cheap enough to attract customer. In-fact all of them has some of another problem. Their upload speeds SUCK and another worst part is their internet will disconnect one or two time in a day for you to enter your username and password to get it connected again.

WOW! so if you have initiated any torrent downloads and you go for a trip or so, boom internet will disconnect and their is not way to connect it again apart from entering your username and password.

So overall I give it 2 stars out of 5 and request them to either close their company, or atleast have some representative to fix the problems immediately. Peace !