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26 September 2014

Smart Selfie allows you to Click best Selfie in Android

smart selfie android application

Smart Selfie is a voice based photography app that make use of facial acknowledgment to direct you in ways to move or turn your phone to take the best selfie with the back video camera. It is among the very best android selfie taking apps in the PlayStore.

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Why to make use of the back camera for selfie ?

  • You ought to constantly treasure your memories, bear in mind to utilize your finest video camera for taking pictures. With wise selfie you can take ideal selfie each time with no uncertainty on where your face is in the image.
  • If your phone does not have front video camera then Smart Selfie is ideal for you.
  • Why to utilize a low 0.3-1.3MP front cam cam, when you can utilize 3.2MP+ cam readily available at back on nearly all phones.

When you have actually taken the picture you can share the picture online with popular social networking apps or send out the picture to other apps for additional improvements.

Features of Smart Selfie Android Application:

  1. The very best thing with this app is no requirement of front camera, you can utilize your luxury back video camera for taking selfie.
  2. When your camera is in position Smart Selfie takes the picture immediately. There is no have to push any buttons, touch the screen, whistle, set timers, or give voice commands to take a picture.
  3. With Smart Selfie you can take selfies of a single person or take selfies with numerous individuals simultaneously in the very same image.

How to Use Smart Selfie Application ?

  1. Remember if picture is readied to Picture or landscape. Turn Cam or adjust settings.
  2. Point back video camera at your face, hold the phone about 30cms from your face.
  3. Follow the voice timely, Move or angle your phone.
  4. Hold the cam still when encouraged. The picture will certainly be taken immediately.
  5. Utilize the inbuilt gallery to see your pictures. Or gain access to them with other apps they are found in your Pictures/Smart Selfie / folder (optional step).

Note Kindly exit Smart Selfie when not in use. It may drain battery when minimized. Smart Selfie is still under development if Smart Seflie stops running attempt rebooting your android gadget. You can likewise switch on SAFE MODE in wise selfie's camera settings. This could stop your crashes.