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06 August 2015

Top 10 List of Most Viewed Popular YouTube Videos

most viewed youtube videos

People love entertainment and these guys know how to entertain the audience all over the world, well either it's a movie or a small serial embedding your full potential in creating nice video repays you back in form of amazing audience always waiting for your next update. Well today we are going to cover a list of top 10 videos on youtube that are viewed most by everyone.

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Ever

Well now the Gangnam Style tops the lost with the most viewed video of all time, the the Justin Beiber's Baby video. Well check the full list below.

#10. Call Me Baby - Carly Rae Jepsen

YouTube Views: 472,041,446

This video was developed by CarlyRaeJepsen. This is an pop tune which takes countless hearts. The primary story of this video is, a lady attempts to enjoy a guy however he select the other choice. Well the tune is excellent. At the time of release this tune got numerous likes and shared by everybody in social media networks. Nevertheless, this videos takes the last location.

#9. Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Teló

YouTube Views: 511,388,282

This video is produced by MichelTelo11. This is the very best pop traditional tune in YouTube. This was done by the Brazilian vocalist. The tune" Ai Se Eu Te Pego" was composed by Michel Telo. The main video of the tune overcame 510 million views. I enjoy to hear these kind of tunes. However any tool this videos tooks the 9th location.

#8. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

YouTube Views: 522,144,329

Everyone will certainly became aware of Lady Gaga. And this video is developed by Lady Gaga. Bad Romance reveals the home entertainment in a alone method. This tune was enjoyed by all the fans of Lady Gaga. So, this video stand in 8th position.

#7. Charlie bit my finger - once more!

YouTube Views: 530,347,293

This is the most funniest video for till today. The video "Charlie bit my finger - once more" got lots of views. This video has 2 variation. This video was starred by the children who performed in their very first video. Anyhow This video takes the 7 th position.

#6. Waka Waka - Shakira

YouTube Views: 534,097,177

Shakira was understood by everybody in the time of FIFA 2010 by the most popular" Waka Waka the main FIFA 2010 World cup tune" This tune was sung by Shakira who is an Dancer and a pop vocalist. I prefer to hear her tunes. Nevertheless, this tooks the 6th position.

#5. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

YouTube Views: 550,229,278

LMFAO is a music band with finest celebration tunes. This video is a Party tune. The majority of us wish to have celebration. For those celebration these kind of tunes are utilized. And this tune made the LMFAO band more popular. It takes the 5th position.

#4. Love the Way You Lie ft. Rihanna - Eminem

YouTube Views: 571,741,982

Eminem is a pop vocalist. And the sone Love the Way you attacks the most views. This video overcame 571,741,982. This video takes the 4th position under the leading most seen videos in YouTube.

#3. On the Floor ft. Pitbull - Jennifer Lopez

YouTube Views: 676,645,567

This video was done by Jennifer Lopez and with Pitbull. This video overcame 676,645,567 for till today. This tune was primarily utilized in dance competitors. So this videos ranks 3rd.

#2. Baby ft. Ludacris - Justin Bieber

YouTube Views: 869,341,800

You understand, I am a fan of Justin Bieber. I such as the JB one of the most. Similarly I like this tune" Baby ". Nevertheless this tune made JB more well-known. Till the arrival of PSY, Gangnam Style this videos ranks 1st in YouTube. And now it has actually been moved to 2nd location. However anyhow I like this tune and this video ranks 2nd.

#1. Gangnam Style - PSY

YouTube Views: 1,675,606,471

PSY Gangnam Style, I hope that you have actually heard this tune. Everybody who resides in this world will certainly heard this tune. This is the most popular video from PSY. This tune made the PSY more popular. And after this tune her launched another one video called" Gentleman". That too attacks the YouTube views than this Gangnam Style. This resembles an amusing video with the PSY dance steps. And this videos take the FIRST position under the leading seen videos in YouTube

I hope you have actually loved all these videos. If you dislike any of these videos then share it in remarks. If you are having any recommendation then make us to understand it in remarks. Leave your sensation and expression in remarks below !!