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07 May 2015

[Fire Sale] Used Products in Excellent Condition for Cheap


Hello loyal readers of HackingUniversity, well you might be aware that I am posting pretty less these days, well I am busy with some personal work, I will start posting soon but still if I find something really useful I post it straight and you can also join HackingUniversity's WhatsApp Broadcast Channel to receive updates right on your phone as soon as they are published with some amazing puzzles, and free recharge grabbing riddles.

Well now you might have seen many of my freebies and giveaway posts that I posted earlier providing you all with most benefit, well this time its something different, I am giving away products not for free but yes for very cheap @ hot prices.

Second Hand Products in Excellent Condition for Sale

Well you can see all the products (list will be updated time to time) which I have used and are working in excellent condition but its just like I am done with, maybe I have upgraded it or anything else. But I am giving away all the stuff for very less price.

So you can get cooling pads, modems and much more stuff, these products cost a good price if you get a new one, but if you are not willing that much amount for a new product then you get these old one's but fully working for pretty cheap.

So now check below list with original images I have snapped, I have also mentioned the last amount for which I will sell those items and comment if you want one, with your real name, address or you message me personally at, after you process the payment your order will be shipped by my side and I will provide you the tracking details. And yes courier charges will be covered by itself.

#1. Targus Lap Chill Mat (Black With Grey)

Original Price - Rs.1850 | Sale Price - Rs.900

I got this laptop cooling pad from Flipkart I guess its 1 year old possibly and works great, I am selling it as I do not need it anymore, I have got a laptop table with fan inbuilt, so I do not need it. It has two fans, so it cools your laptop down when you are actually paying some heavy games + its base is soft cushion, so you can keep it on your lap while sitting and keeping your laptop on it as a support :)


#2. Belkin N150 Wireless Router with Modem

Original Price - Rs.2200 | Sale Price - Rs.1000

Well I guess it's a best router in its class which now comes in a new design, but this design is superb (its my personal preference the standing ones) so I got this again from online store, I don't know which one but its range is good and it works well with BSNL or any other RJ11 broadband phone cable. I am selling this as I have shifted to a new internet service provider that provides RJ45 Cable as default.


#3. Microsoft Arc Mouse USB 2.0 Laser Mouse

Original Price - Rs.2800 | Sale Price - Rs.1000

You might be aware about this new type of mouse design launched by microsoft, well I bought this at first glance by looking at its design, well seriously speaking, the design is good and its works great, ARC really fits your hand and you can easily feel some serious difference using this mouse.


#4. Philips SHP2000 (Over the head) Headphones

Original Price - Rs.1200 | Sale Price - Rs.400

I got these way back 4 years ago when I just stepped into the world of awesome music, well yes the sound quality is superb and it works pretty well, so you can get these for cheap check below images.