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14 May 2015

Backup and Restore Game Progress from Device to Device

Nowadays numerous people appear to collect cell phones in both smartphone and tablet kind. That's an excellent issue to have, however just to a level, as moving video game progress and other information, can toss a huge issue right up in front of us. After all, who wishes to begin over from Angry Birds Star Wars level one ?

Thankfully, it isn't really as alarming as I have actually made it sound - there are methods to transfer that development from your phone to your tablet (or phone to phone, tablet to tablet, and so on).

There are lots of options for a rooted Android phone, however for a non-rooted phone, this is among the approach that I understand to work. Helium (previously called Carbon) is a free (there is an exceptional $4.99 paid version also) app that can support and bring back individual app in addition to the whole device. When we state "bring back", it describes the information too, meanings that you can move video game progress from one device and continue it on another device.


You will certainly have to set up the app on both of the devices you are making use of for this transfer, and you will certainly likewise require the Helium desktop app, which deals with Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, you require the Windows Android drivers set up on your PC.

As soon as everything is installed it's time to plug-in your device (in this case both devices) to your PC by means of USB and open both Helium desktop and Helium mobile. Enable a couple of seconds for the connection to be made. You will certainly have to duplicate this step each time your device is restarted, it's among a few odd peculiarities in Helium.

Backup Your Games using Helium Application

By default, Helium backs to the device's SD card, which does not work so well for our functions right here, so instead we will certainly be utilizing among the 2 other approaches readily available.

If you want to keep this job on the totally free side, then you can click the menu "..." a the leading right of the mobile app and pick PC Download. This provides you with a regional network address., for instance. Punch it into your computer system browser and select the apps you want to backup. Recover can be done the exact same method.

Nevertheless, I chose to pay the $4.99 for the premium service, which enables cloud storage utilizing your option of Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. I chose Box, however all work the exact same. You will certainly have to log into whichever account you pick, however this is just required the very first time around.


Every app set up on the Galaxy Nexus is noted, alphabetically, and you can tap each to put a checkmark in the box, designating it for backup.

Restore Game Progress using Helium Application

This is basically a mirror of the above procedure, and like any mirror, the image is reversed. Go to the device you want to recover your video game development on and follow the exact same preliminary setup procedure as in the past implying you will certainly have to hook the device to the computer system to allow Helium.

Click the Restore tab at the top of the Helium app screen and browse to your storage area in this case Box. You will certainly need to log in once more, as you have to license each device.


Inspect the boxes for each app you want to move, and afterwards click the button at the bottom right of the screen. If you do not have a remarkable quantity of information then this must go swiftly it's a quick app.

Conclusion: Last summertime, Rovio assured a brand-new account login system would remove this requirement on their popular Angry Birds franchise, however have actually just included the function to the initial video game up until now. Other video game designers appear to have no option for moving video game progress amongst devices, in spite of the have to doing this. In the meantime, Helium is without a doubt the very best choice for this, plus it can be made use of for other non-game apps too.