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09 May 2015

How to Create & Embed Survey using Free Google Forms

Many sites provide you with possibility to create your own survey form for free and embed it on your website or blog. But still they can have some limitations, but if you get tied up with Google you are not having any limitation and you can customize your google form the way you want it too for free. Well today we are going to look how you can create google survey form using free google forms service.

The process is pretty neat and does not involve any kind of technical skills to create these forms, you simply need to sign in and enter some details for the type of form you are going to create and voila your form will be up and running in no time.

How to Create Free Google Forms

  1. Login to Google Drive Account.
  2. Now on the left hand side, you will see a NEW Button, press that and under more choose Google Forms.
  3. Now will come across a details section where you can enter your form details, add some buttons, images and everything.
    google form design
  4. There is another Google Forms Template option which is called "Themes" so right above you will see the option and you can customize some nice theme.
    google form themes
  5. When you are completed implementing text, images, theme to your google form, press the Send Form button and you will get the Embed option.
    google form embed
  6. You can either share the link with your friends, or press the Embed option to get the code, that you can paste inside your blogger HTML/JavaScript box.
  7. You can even paste the embed code directly inside the HTML on Page or Post.

So now this way you can create unlimited forms using google forms, you can create survey, quiz or anything depending on your requirement. Now get going and attract your visitors.