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26 May 2015

My New Dell XPS 13 (2015) with Infinity Display (Review)

Companies are exploring the best possible ways to target audience and get their product delivered, few are just taking this purely as a business module, but few of those companies are innovating their products in order to get the best technology driven gadgets in the hands of consumers. Earlier it was only apple that would invest its maximum interest in getting the best out to everyone, but now comes the Dell with their new, latest and more improved Dell XPS 13 (2015) with infinity display.

Yes you might thinking what is the meaning of Infinity display, well that actually means a border less display that just making everyone crazy, well this is first every laptop to come with such an innovation and they are topping in the list of best ultrabooks of 2015 due to their design and innovation.

Why I Chose Dell as my Ultrabook Brand ?

Firstly I was already using a Dell XPS 15 which I got 5 years backs (thanks to my grandpa) from which my work really flourished. And its still live, well yes I made few upgradations to it, like I upgraded its RAM from 4GB to 8Gb and even installed a 120GB Samsung EVO SSD which really made it to boost like hell.

Now the point is after using it for past 5 years, its still in a condition to work, play and even use it as a heavy editing laptop. Yes its still fine as hell, no problems have been reported and I am still using it, well off course I am planning to sell that as I won't be using two laptops, one is sufficient for me.

So I am just obsessed with Windows, and if I have to go with a brand I love DELL. So I was planning from a long time to get a new upgraded Laptop and I decided why not to give a search for ultrabook, you know in case I have to go somewhere its going to be very easy for me to carry that laptop and work on it.

To my surprise, Dell's XPS 13 (2015) version was topping the list with its infinity display and touch response. Another great part was its QuadHD display that's just sizzling a lot.

Few Images of Dell XPS 13 (2015) i7 Touch Version

dell xps 13 2015 versiondell xps 13 2015 versiondell xps 13 2015 version

Now I was not willing to go with the top end version of this ultrabook as it comes in lower version also without touch, so I though I just need to got a normal version and enjoy the sleekness of this one,  but in India its launched in the top end variant only, so you can purchase a lower version officially from a retailer or online but yes obviously after some time you would be able to to get a lower version from one or another website. But after using this I would recommend the top end version.

Why you should go with the Top End Version ?

Well earlier my plans were to get a non touch version maybe with an i5 but as it was not available in India I went for the top one and to my surprise I am really happy using this version as the touch response of Dell XPS 13 is juts awesome.

Its so smooth and responsive, its just like an Apple iPad is being used, I am just in love with the display and fast gesture features.

Dell XPS 13 (2015) Top Variant Specifications

Well the version I got comes with a 8Gb RAM installed, 256GB SSD and i7 5th Genration Broadwell Processor, which is more fast and efficient in saving battery power and even being a lot more productive. It even comes with a QuadHD Display with 3200 x 1800 resolution which is just superb with its awesome touch support.

The speakers are aligned onto both sides and sound is pretty decent too, you wont be able to get that loud bass out of this laptop but still its enough to listen to a soothing sound while using this laptop in your lap.

2 USB 3.0 ports, I mini hdmi port, 1 charging port and I SD Card reader in case you want to transfer your images from your camera or phone card easily.

Dell XPS 13 (2015) Top End i7 Version Price ?

If you land on the official Dell India website then you will be to see a price tag of 1.28LAC which is a lot, but I am surprised as I got this laptop from a local retailer, I tried to bargain and first of all he said, he will give me that laptop for 1,22,000, then I again tried to get the price down to some more extent, then he said okz 1,15,000 would be the price of that laptop, so I thought this is going to be my last price as I was aware about the online price so I though dealer might be getting a really good price and so I will get it for quiet cheap, but for my surprise I once again asked if some more price could be dropped.

Well he told me wait I have to ask someone who might give another good price, well then he gave me a straight price of 1LAC, WOW! I said that's really a big margin these companies are taking from consumers.

Well but he did not mention anything about the TAX and at the time of delivery he said to pay another 13,000 as TAX, I argued so he said pay half as a TAX because he can do nothing about it, I agreed and paid 5250 as a TAX, but yes I got this laptop for 1,05,250/- and I am really happy.

My Final Verdict about Dell XPS 13 (2015)

Well finally I would say at this price it could seem to be heavy investment for few people, but its really worth it, you are getting an amazing spec computer, with QuadHD touch display and a very sleek design, the best part is the weight its just 2.8 Pounds, wow! its just awesome.

Now I have just written this post using Dell XPS 13 and for right now I am feeling little uncomfortable writing this post, but yeah its going to be fixed up as I will start writing more and more post on this one. Well I would say if you are planning to get an ultrabook then this could be your choice.