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08 May 2015

How to Detect Samsung Galaxy S6 Clone or Original

smasung galaxy s6

Bear in mind the days when individuals utilized to offer fake Rolex watches on the streets of New York. These watches resembled real Rolex watches and gullible individuals typically paid as much as US$ 1,000 for them, however a close examination exposed that they were simply inexpensive replicas of Rolex watches. As the Chinese market is expanding they are bringing every clone to Indian market as people over here are less interested to know the fact about the internal hardware, they get onto the looks and boom they are pranked in purchasing a duplicate replica of that heavy device.

Earlier I posted about the fake pen drive and memory card issues on how people in Delhi are selling them for really cheap but they are totally crap and I posted on how you can check if you got pranked with those cards or not by testing those things using this simple piece of tool.

Now the very same thing is occurring with Samsung Galaxy cell phones. As quickly as, Samsung revealed the launch of their brand-new Galaxy S6, you can see fake Galaxy S6 clones all over both online and offline. If you are not cautious enough, you can wind up getting among these low-cost Galaxy S6 clones for your difficult made money.

How To Tell If A Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Fake Or Original

  • Ask the seller - Yes it sounds dumb, however if you simply clearly ask those people offering online or on the street, they will instantly inform you with a smile that "it is as excellent as the genuine thing and you will not have any issue at all". However it might not work all the time.
  • Examine the back cover - The back cover in low-cost clones is made from plastic unlike the glass cover in initial Galaxy S6. You can discriminate by feeling the cover with your fingers and carefully tapping on it.
  • Display - Original Samsung Galaxy S6 makes use of Super AMOLED display screen, so you will not see the little pixels even if you look carefully. While the inexpensive Galaxy clones make use of is a less expensive display screen (to lower the expense) and in the majority of possibility you would have the ability to find the little pixels when you look carefully.
  • Software & Speed - The Samsung Galaxy S6 and its sibling are monsters when it concerns efficiency. Showcasing scorching quickly octa-core chipsets, everything is smooth as well as TouchWiz is not an issue any longer. If you seem like the efficiency is sluggish or applications take a very long time to open, you understand it is not the genuine offer.
    Likewise, go on to Settings > About Phone and inspect the Android Version. At the time of composing, the current variation is Android 5.0 Lollipop. If your phone states Android 4.4 KitKat, it is not the original one.
  • Camera - Along with a big and brilliant display screen, the Galaxy S6 has the very best cam on a smartphone. It takes crystal clear pictures and videos. Colors are lively and you can focus without losing quality. On the other hand, a clone Galaxy S6 has a standard camera. If you have actually utilized other smartphones prior to, you will quickly discover the bad quality of the camera.
  • BOX - Do not ignore the box. Initially glimpse, both boxes are comparable. Taking a close appearance, you will certainly discover that the box with the clone Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have any sticker labels consisting of vital info like identification number and IMEI. If they do not have any sticker labels, do decline the phone.
  • Run Antutu Benchmark - Samsung Galaxy S6 clones are rigged with customized Android OS so that even when you inspect the Android Settings, it will not expose the real hardware of the phone. However you can run Antutu Benchmark on the phone and after running the standard, examine the details area for seeing the genuine hardware specifications.

The original Galaxy S6 has 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage, 16 mega-pixel video camera, and screen resolution of 1440 x 2560. However in clones all these values are generally 1 GB RAM, 4 GB storage, 8 mega-pixel cam and resolution of just 540 x 960.

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S6 clones are all over online or offline. If you are purchasing from a little store, some online shop from where you have actually never ever gone shopping prior to or from ebay, then you can quickly examine if the Samsung Galaxy S6 you have actually purchased is initial or simply a low-cost clone.