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09 May 2015

Get Instant Results for your Queries using Google Search

Google is considered to be the BAAP of everyone when it comes to the online industry. No one can step near to its services, the way it functions and the way to presents the results. Its database is huge and with some of the awesome services like blogger, Gmail, online office, people are truly connected to it to get work done in minutes and seconds. Like you can create google forms in seconds and get responses from people all over the world. Even earning is made possible by AdSense and people have made this their major profession.

google logo

Well today we are going to see some of the best ways to get instant results for the queries you type into google and seek results for. Well for the maximum one's you will instantly be greeted with the result in their own stylish way.

Check Time, Calculations, Distance using Google Search

Yes checking time, mathematical calculations, distance between two places, even more by just typing your query would end up with the appropriate result. Lets see.

  1. Checking Time - well checking time is with google search is quiet easy, just type Time and your local time will be displayed. If you wanna go specific type Time in India, replace the country or place with India.
  2. Word Meaning - if you are not sure what that specific word meant, its really easy to see in google type Cancer Meaning (replace cancer with your word) and instantly your meaning for that word will appear.
  3. Mathematical Calculations - if you wanna calculate some figure its pretty easy too, just type like 50 * 30 / 25 and boom calculator will appear with the result, you can even calculator to modify or do another calculation.
  4. Trignometrical Calculation - this could also be attempted type 2 * 3 sin 60 degree and result will appear instantly.
  5. Converting Units - if you wanna convert any unit to another its easy like 1 KM to M (similarly you can use like 1 Bit to Byte and many more)
  6. Searching Personalities - you want to know more about Bill Gates, simply type his/her name and short summary about him will appear, that you can research upon, if you wanna go deep, press the Wikipedia link and boom.
  7. Academic Information - want to know which is the best university in Delhi, simply type Delhi Universities and list of them will pop up with information ratings and more related stuff.
  8. Converting Currencies - quiet popular people usually convert a lot of currencies, so with google you can sure the perfect conversion, so you can type 1 USD to INR that's it your currency will be converted.
  9. Calculating Distance - if you are planning a nice trip and want to know the correct distance and other information use google, type Chandigarh to Shimla and proper distance will appear.
  10. Checking IP Address - if you want to know your current IP Address assigned, then you can type What's my IP and your IP address will appear.

So these were few of the extensive search queries you can use to get instant results from google, there could be many more, so make a search enjoy.