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02 June 2015

Automatically Backup SMS to Gmail on your Android

If you're searching for a method to backup all your text (sms) on Android Phones to your Gmail account, then we have a nice application that can help you backup your text messages easily to your Gmail account. Everybody understands that backing up text or sms on Android to Gmail account is a really basic procedure and nobody has single factor not to backup messages, as this make them browse friendly. So keep reading, if you're interested to understand the entire procedure.

Why we have to backup your Text or SMS Messages

Anybody can lose all text simply with a single click which at some point can produce huge issues. However you can cut off your this worry simply by automatically backing up all of them to your Gmail account.

Things you will need ?

  1. Gmail Account.
  2. Android Device.
  3. SMS Backup+ App.
  1. To start with you have to Sign into Gmail account and validate that IMAP access is enabled.
  2. To enabled IMAP in your Gmail, open Gmail and on the right hand side click on the Gear icon, now choose Settings.
  3. Under settings you need to choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP account.
  4. Now make sure the IMAP option is enabled, else enable it.
    enable IMAP in gmail
  5. sms backup  android applicationNow you need to download and install the SMS Backup+ application for your android devices.
  6. Open the app and hit the Connect button. Right here you have to enter your Gmail username and password so that SMS Backup+ can get in touch with your Gmail profile.
  7. As soon as you're finished with the above procedure, this application will certainly ask you to backup all your text. You can select out from Backup or Later alternative. So now choose the Backup option.
  8. Now the application will access your Gmail account and begin backing up your text.
  9. Now after the backup process is completed you can navigate to your Gmail account and on the left under labels, you can see a new label created by the name "SMS"

Enabling Automobile Backup Option in SMS Backup+

This application even comes with an automatic backup feature that you can use to backup your data of text messages automatically to Gmail in a interval of time, like after every 2 Hours backup process will be initiated.

You can even choose between the Wi-Fi or the Mobile Internet mode, so only if you are on Wi-Fi backup process will be initiated hence this will save your battery and data.

Now there are many more configurations you can configure, in this backup application, hence you can tweak it to the more efficient use. So download the SMS Backup+ application on android now and backup your messages to Gmail easily.