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03 June 2015

Make Wallpapers by Mixing Colors & Blurring Images


Wallpapers and nice backgrounds can make everything a lot colorful, it can refresh your mood while using your gadget. These days many sites are coming up with HD wallpapers that you can download and use it on your computer or mobile. You choose the size and download the appropriate version. Now what about creating your own wallpapers and backgrounds, well you can do so using the Photoshop or even utilizing the online editors like Photoshop.

But if you are a newbie and you do not know much about using these heavy editors than you can install simple application's that work great and help you in creating some nice backgrounds for your android device.

Creating Colorful Wallpapers for Android Device

Now I have got two nice application MIXT and Blur Free that helps you in creating wallpapers either by mixing two colors or even blurring any image. So lets see both the application how to install them and use them.

Mix Colors and Create HD Wallpapers on Android

You can check about the video on how MIXT application allows you to create HD wallpapers for your android device by simply two or more colors together. You can choose your own colors and hence create nice wallpapers for your android device.

  1. Install the MIXT android application.
  2. Choose the colors that you want to use.
  3. Create your wallpapers and save them in your device as your wallpaper.

Blur Images and Create HD Wallpapers for Android

Another application allows you to create your HD wallpapers for android by blurring your own images, you can choose from selection of images and even use the downloaded one, then blur them and use them as your wallpaper

  1. Install the Blur Free android application.
  2. Choose the images that you want to blur.
  3. Now you can save those image and use them your android wallpaper.

So this is the way you can create HD wallpapers for your android device, you can be creative and even combine images and create some masterpiece, that all depends on your imagination, have fun using these apps.