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29 July 2015

Top 7 Benefits for using Custom Domain on your Blog

Well people who are just jumping into this blogging profession usually try to invest nothing and stay with the free blogging platform as they are still new and know nothing about it, well even me when I came into this line I was not knowing what blogging is but I had a passion that I have to take my company (what I call it) to the top level and gain a lot of fame and respect. In case you wanna check out every single details about this site you can check out the ABOUT PAGE.

So later one when I came to know exactly what I am doing then I was attracted towards my own brand name so I went straight to someone I knew and bought the domain name. Now you can all land onto my page or blog what ever you can call. I even bought a short url, so that people can access my site with ease, you can type that will also land you to my main blog.

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So in this post we're going to go over about the benefits of purchasing a custom-made domain. You can discover numerous of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, TypePad, and so on. The only feature which matches all these websites is they provide free sub-domain. So you can pick your very own sub-domain like, free of cost without investing any dollars! Rather the majority of the blog writer choose Blogger as its an advancement under Google. But still remaining under a sub-domain makes your blog look dull and under developed, so to overcome this problem majority of the pro-bloggers are choosing custom domains.

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Why is Custom Domain Beneficial for your Blog ?

So now below are the 7 tested and researched benefits for choosing a custom domain for your blog, that will actually help in your long run and track building of your blog.

  1. Building Reputation

    Blog sites with custom domains like are mainly appreciated than blog sites with sub-domains like You might have any customized domain like .com, .net, .in, .org, and so on, all these domains are considered as the custom domains. And getting more track record with sub-domain is challenging basically duration. However with custom domain it is possible. I suggest you to have custom domain for growing your blog site and to broaden your blogging circle like expert blogger. While sharing your blog site URL with your good friends it looks like a professional thing.
  2. Helps in Advertisement

    If you have a custom domain, then your blog site might be accepted by advertising and publishing business. If you are still working under a sub-domain theen many online advertising sites buysellads and many others won’t accept your application. The majority of my pals used with their sub-domains and got turned down. So prior to obtaining any advertising business purchase a custom domain and enhance your blog site traffic to their expectation.
  3. Promotion Looks Professional

    If you produce an excellent impression amongst with your good friends then they will certainly share your post on popular social networking sites. So for the promotion thing your custom domain could leave a footprint in the sharers mind. The majority of individuals choose for sharing short articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and so on. So if you're having a sub-domain then it might produce bad impression amongst them. So select a customized domain for your blog site and begin promoting your blog site!
  4. Getting More Fans & Building Community

    People love to share good content, if you have one that’s ok but if your blog is not opted for a custom domain that can leave your blog with less traffic. So if you wanna be a brand get a custom domain, then people will certainly register for your blog site newest updates to get them through e-mail. Even they will certainly bookmark your websites for future visits. So these things can develop more audiences and definitely it will certainly enhance your blog site traffic too.
  5. Boosting your Rankings

    If you have sub-domain then your page rank will certainly enhance gradually. However if you a custom domain for your blog site then it is basic to enhance your blog site page rank rapidly. So more contents you share over social networking websites can acquire more search results page over which can lead to much better page rank for your blog site. If you're having a sub-domain and it discovered to be having actually dead/broken URL then the ranking for your blog site might decreases quickly. It can likewise enhance other websites ranks like Alexa ranking and more. So choose a custom-made domain and begin work to enhance your blog site page rank!
  6. Growing your Online Business

    If you are planning to create a company online, then you must choose custom-made domain. Its the very best method to promote all your items and brands online without investing much dollars. Select a relevant custom domain which belongs to your business due to the fact that the majority of individuals was initially taking a look at the domain. You can impress affiliated, banner advertisements, develop online forums, aim to compose paid material and opt for direct marketers. Even you can opt for sponsor advertisements to grow your brand-new blog site quickly.
  7. Helps you in Working Hard

    If you're having sub-domain then you won’t have any severity, though you're simply blogging and investing your time and you didn't invest any cash over it. So to be major in blogging you need to purchase a custom domain which can cost around $10-15$ annually. Now you have actually done some financial investment on your blog site, so it can tend you to work smarter and make you much major. It can develop interest and enthusiasm. As outcome you will get a boost in your revenues! So Work Harder & Smarter!

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So now you get to know why custom domain is so important, well in case you are going to start with blogger as I am still working on blogger, you can opt for aa custom domain from Bigrock, I have been using that from past 3 years, I have posted a tutorial that will help you in migrating your domain name from blogspot to custom url, check that out and customize your domain name.

Do you concur my points? Still have to include more tips? Do you have any recommendation & tips on this subject? Then we are happy to hear it from you in remarks! Do share this post with your pals and make us grow!