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26 July 2015

How to FIX Duplicate Charging Cable Issues on iPhone


This might have happened to you, your original cable got doomed and now you are stranded in the middle of something, you have the option to get an original cable but that’s going to cost you probably Rs.1500 or so, well you still have the option to get a 3rd party cable that will come in a range of Rs.150 - 300 but then comes another horrific scene, your phone displays a message that the phone is not charging as the cable is not supported.

How to FIX Cable not Supported Issue on iPhone

So now what you are going to do, how you are going to FIX this thing, well in case you have jailbroken iPhone, then I have a solution for you, yes it’s a software based patch solution but it works and removes those 3rd party cable restrictions.

Now how to get this going on and what you have do it, well lets see how this whole procedure could be attempted and how you will once again get your charging going on.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken, you can check out some jailbreak posts I have posted, in case you have the latest version which is iOS 8.4, you can use the Taig jailbreak tool, google it out.
  2. Now you have a jailbroken iPhone, its time to fire up your cydia, which is a jailbreak utility to get more awesome stuff on your iPhone.
  3. Now switch to the sources tab and press the Edit button.
  4. Now press the Add button and then add below repo into it.

  5. It will ask for permissions to add that repo, do that by pressing Add Anyway option.
  6. So now your repo is up, just refresh your cydia, try closing and reopening it, now you have to make a search for “Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler” and install this tweak in your phone.
  7. After installing it will ask you if you want to restart your phone, press that and your phone will get restarted.

That’s it now duplicate lightning cable enabled tweak is installed and now you can attach your phone to the power source and see if you can charge your phone now, as now you wont get any message for un-supported cable detected.