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31 July 2015

How to Extract Good Files from Damaged .ZIP Package

Many time you can get into a situation that you downloaded a .ZIP file and due to some reason that package for corrupted and now you are stranded in the middle of using a lot of bandwidth to download that big package and still not able to to open it up, well now in that the solution you might be thinking of is to re download the file hence making use a lot of bandwidth, but in many cases there are few files that are necessary inside that package and hopefully those good be in good shape.

Zip2Fix tool windows

You know what I mean, I mean that those good undamaged files could be extracted from the package hence using them the way you wanted to. Obviously all files wont be able to recover but still maximum recovery could be done using the ZIP2FIX tool, that claims to extract undamaged files from .ZIP and SFX .ZIP package.

Check the above video to see a proper demo of this tool working on windows and saving you from lots of hassle and bandwidth problems.

ZIP2FIX Extracts Undamaged Files from Corrupt .ZIP

ZIP2FIX comes in two different modes, fully installable mode and portable mode, you can utilize the portable version while on the move by keeping the file inside your USB Drive, so lets download the tool and see how it actually works.

  1. Download ZIP2FIX Tool for Windows.
  2. Now after you have downloaded, the interface is quiet simple, simply you will get the Open Menu option that you can use, to open up your .ZIP and SFX .ZIP packages, so click on that.
  3. It will soon start to analyze your file and show you results on which files are damaged and which all files could be recovered.
  4. That's it now you can recover all those undamaged files and enjoy using them, this tool will extract all those files to another .ZIP package that you can open up normally.

So guy this ends another tutorial, hope you liked it and I hope this will be beneficial for you in extracting good files from your damaged .ZIP package, in case you have any concerns do comment below, I will be happy to help.