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02 July 2015

How to Get Free Internet Data Recharges on Android

goji android appInternet has changed everything from searching stuff to calling your pals for free, with the introduction of WhatsApp calling many people are saving a lot of money usually calling using their service network. From instant messaging to anyone in the world for free. But it has a limit that's the pack you have activated might be blocking the way you share everything easily.

In case you are on Wi-Fi its pretty easy to do anything as they come up with an unlimited plans option, but while on move you have a limitations and getting data packs updated costs you money.

goji android free internet applicationSo now we have come with an amazing application for android that provides you free internet data pack recharge. So you complete some promotions you will be awarded with free internet data packs according to your network provider. But the one they have clearly mentioned is that you need to use their app using your cellular internet not Wi-Fi in case you use Wi-Fi you won't be awarded with free recharge.

Earn Free Internet Data Pack Recharge on Android using GOJI

Goji is a new application, pretty much with the same concept like other application that provides you with free recharge, this on the other hand provides you with free internet data pack recharges when you complete some promotions.

So now to avail these offers, lets see how you can install the GOJI Application and earn free internet data pack recharges.

  1. Install the GOJI App for android using the playstore link on the right hand side.
  2. Now you need to verify your mobile number, so enter every detail in correct way and register your mobile number.
  3. Now under promotions you will find many of them, complete any of the following promotions you like. (make sure you are on 2G/3G and not Wi-Fi to complete the offer correctly, else it won't provide you with free recharges)
  4. Now after you have completed the promotions, you will gain access to free recharge on your mobile number. (recharge can differ according to the network)
  5. That's it, it might take some time near about 4-6 hours to get your recharge completed.

So wait and see free internet recharges rolling in to your device. Hope this tutorial will help you in getting free internet data packs, do comment below in case you face any problem. Peace !