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08 May 2020

Download Windows 10 PRO 64 BIT .ISO Pre-Activated for Free

Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft and its been a while it has released people are still searching for the OS to be downloaded so that they can upgrade from windows 7 OS as windows 8 was a complete mess. Microsoft has been pumping a good amount of updates to Windows 10 hence improvements are going on and many new features are added on daily basis. Security flaws are being fixed and overall I can say its the best OS till date that Microsoft has produced. Now if you are one searching for free download link for Windows 10 OS then you are lucky as we have that for you and you can download it easily using the links given below, on that later lets see why its the best OS right now.

windows 10 operating system 64bit free download

Exceptional Windows 10 Features

  • Clean Interface - This is what I think, many people will debate that Windows 7 was more clean and simple to use, well If you properly tweak Windows 10 its just awesome, its clean and the good part is its the latest OS from Microsoft so updates are running hence more and more features are getting included on daily basis.
  • Dark Mode - Windows 10 has recently introduced the Dark Mode option in their Windows 10 OS, now its much more clean to use and personalization's could be done. The good part is many system wide applications uses the system default theme option that is why if you have dark mode enabled all those applications will have dark mode enabled in them by default. windows 10 dark mode
  • Cortana - Like you have Siri and Google Assistant in your phones, you have Cortana in Windows 10, its your personal assistant, you can talk to it, you can get news, latest updates and pretty much anything using Cortana. You can get your homework done using Cortana, just give it a try.
  • Other Awesome Features - Pretty much everything is covered in Windows 10, all those old awesome features from Windows XP - 8 + all these new features, so you find anything just give a google search and learn more about Windows 10.

Downloading Windows 10 .ISO for Free

windows 10 pro 64 bit fully activated

Now lets get over to the main thing you came here for, in case you are wondering how you can download Windows 10 PRO 64BIT OS for Free, then you will find download link below, that will help you in downloading the OS for free. I have also included RUFUS software that would be useful in creating bootable USB for Windows 10 OS. This is a RAR package so you just rename it too .ISO to burn it to DVD or to make bootable USB, there is no issue in that.

Download Link

This is pre-activated so you won’t have to crack it to activate, its full updatable, so make sure you backup you files or you can also backup the whole OS using Symantec Ghost so after you have done installation, you can update the Windows to get al those latest updates that your windows might have missed. Do let me know if you need anything else. Please comment below if you face any problems.