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26 August 2015

How to Install QuickTime Player on Windows 10 OS

Apple is not dependent on anyone it develops every software hardware on its own and everything goes hand-in-hand with everything in coordination, so now in case you're using any of its products like iPhone iPad or iPod then you might have noticed that whenever you create a video using those files you went to get a different format it's not .mp4, it's not .AVI but it's .MOV format. Which is basically short for the movie file so if you are not having VLC media player installed on your Windows system then you might need to install QuickTime player from the official Apple's website apart from just playing these files you still need QuickTime and few of its plug-ins to be embedded into software is to pick up your.MOV files and then you can start editing those files like it happened to me with Camtasia studio.

quicktime player windows 10

So now as you know recently I just updated my windows 10 and you might have also done that, if not then I have posted how you can directly download the .ISO files for Windows 10 in 32-bit format or 64-bit format. And I usually create videos using my iPhone because I'm not having any professional camera so whenever I want to be caught something I just pick up my iPhone and I record anything but this time I faced few issues because when I imported my file in camtasia studio then I came to know that it's not picking up .MOV file because I haven't installed QuickTime player in my windows.

Now camtasia studio warned me that if I need to import .MOV file then I need to install QuickTime player for windows from Apple's official website. I straightway opened up the QuickTime download page and I downloaded the file it was 40MB in size not big so it took a few minutes then when I tried to install that it refused to install on Windows because Apple has not updated the software to work on Windows stand so it's just compatible to Windows 7, so it was going to be a big issue for me because I wanted to import .MOV file in contagious studio but without QuickTime it is not going to be possible.

Download Modified QuickTime Player for Windows 10

So I stumbled the net to find how I can actually install QuickTime player on the understand and to my surprise I came across a post that had posted along tutorial that can help me in installing QuickTime player by modifying few parameters and even gave a single download link to a modified QuickTime player that has been created specifically for windows 10 or as they can just download and install the normal way and that will bring up QuickTime practically installed on your system without any issues and that could be used the way you want it to be used.

Now the link to the modified QuickTime player is on the right you can just click that link it will redirect you to the site just download the file from there and install it on your windows and QuickTime will be ready to be used on Windows 10 without any issues so you do not have to go to the official QuickTime player download page on Apple but using this modified version you can easily install QuickTime player on Windows 10.

So guys I hope this will solve all your queries regarding installing QuickTime player on Windows 10, so with this modified QuickTime file you would be able to install QuickTime player easily on a Windows 10 machine and enjoy those video files and even editing your .MOV files on the move.